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Super Mechs

You're welcome to robot battles. We really wanted to see the battle of such beautiful robots, but for the time being we can only see them in games.

Super Mechs will not even let you know how time has passed. You start the game with simple start-up robots, everyone starts the same but as you progress through the game, you are given better robot parts as you fight different robots, which is your chance or you are given a lot of different parts of the system and every move you make, some of them are worse than some of your parts It is very important that you are progressing in your face, and there are also special special prizes. When you complete each task, you are given special items. In the vote it is also possible to buy more special items with the money you earn.

You can also play Super Mechs on the internet with online players. Of course, I would recommend that you first come to good positions for the task because you have to collect a really good robot to fight other players and you will get a lot of plus points if you are at a good level.

Plenty of robots. :)


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