Trollface Quest 5

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Trollface Quest 5

The episode continues the ongoing Trolface Quest madness and we do not say we stop because we are not solving puzzles mostly, we are trying to solve the trenches that will be more Trollface.

For this reason, there is a puzzle that you need to solve, but the subject is different than other puzzles. I would recommend you to put into practice what can be the craziest of what you see when you play Trollface Quest 5, how much unfamiliarity and mutuality are all you have to do here.

Our character in Trollface Quest 5 is trying to get into the game, or if we have a chance to live in the game or as a team supporter, it will allow us to solve a dirty duel.

Actually, we can see a lot of things we see in our lives if we look at them with a little care, of course there may have been a bit of an extreme here.


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