Ludo Play
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Ludo is one of the most beautiful side of the fun board game you play alone to be a multi-person game, but you have to play it entirely because it is not possible to play a game against the computer so if you want to play the game you have to be a friend with you and the game will play up to 4 people in total.

To play Ludo is very simple 4 stone to go out and each person to throw the dice you have to throw 6, 6 after throwing your stone out of the frame and you gain more than a dice and all the squares you see all the squares of your own color to come to the arrow sign by coming to the box and move the stone out of the game that stone is finished and other stones are trying to throw out of the same way, but if one of the other team players on your way back to your own square in the game, throwing 6 more dice are constantly throwing one of the 6 dice to get out of the square.


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